2018 Was Rough

First off, the blog is back after a few years of dormancy. So much as happened over the last few years, but we will have plenty of time to catch up on all of that later. For now I would like to touch up on some events from my 2018 and share some thoughts on this new year we are just getting started with. Thanks for joining me.


It really wouldn’t be fair for me to describe my year as having “ups and downs”. In truth my graph would probably look more like a slowly but steadily rising line with a few small drop offs and one major one right at the end of the year. I was pushed and challenged in every way I could imagine, but I used those moments to find motivation and growth. I still have some recovering to do in this new year, but the appropriate steps are being taken and I always know the best days are yet to come.

In order to shorten this blog up and make it more reader friendly I’m going to resist going into all the specific events and details of my year. Instead I will focus on just a few of the positive parts and just one of the negative parts. In the end these are the moments that will carry lasting effects into the rest of my life.

One of the major positives of 2018 was finally diving into full-time photography life. It was a goal that had been in the back of my mind for awhile now but wasn’t logical or practical until fairly recently. I have been having a wonderful time shooting weddings and portraits now as well as still doing some product and sponsorship work. Photography took me all over the country over this last year both for work and fun and can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store. Some favorite photography memories this year would be shooting an amazing wedding in the Colorado mountains and also spending World Photography Day in New York City with the entire Sony camera team!

On the other end up the spectrum I suffered a major loss with the death of my Grandmother just a few days before Christmas. She was one of the closest people to me in the world and was one my biggest supporters and inspirations. Her absence has left a whole in my heart and life that is hard to image ever filling. Motivation do to nearly anything has been hard to muster lately, but it’s finally coming back. It’s still so hard to believe that she has left this world, but I’ve always lived to make my Granny proud and it’s time to get back to that. (I might post the Eulogy I wrote for her on a later date)

Jumping back to the positive side means I need to talk about my family, and more specifically my son Hayden. Im so fortunate to have the amazing family that I do. What we lack in numbers we make up for in support and encouragement. I would be no where near the man I am today without this incredible cast of people behind me, and the most important of all is Hayden. Sure he is only 22 months old, but the motivation I gain from him is unreal. He is even my little helper, hanging out with me right now as I type this. Showing him some of my favorite places in Colorado this last summer was for sure one of the highlights of my year, but good chance it stays right up there as a life highlight. He is a special little dude and I cant believe I get to be his father.

Twelve months is a lot of ground to cover in a short post. So many more fun events and memorable moments to share, as well as some bad ones, but those things listed above are the ones I will look back on someday as defining my 2018.


So what’s the plan for 2019? Well, more of the same, plus some! I plan to keep progressing both as a father and photographer, while constantly finding ways to mix the two. I have a bunch of weddings and families lined up as well as a few trips coming together. I even have a secret little project I am working on right here in my home state of Iowa that I have yet to share with you all. If everything goes well then 2019 is gonna be quite the epic year of fun and adventure.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks for all the love and support!

Cheers to bright futures!

Bryan Conley


2 thoughts on “2018 Was Rough

  1. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you, Bryan, and it’s an honor to call you a friend. Looking forward to your work in 2019 – it’s long been an inspiration for me.

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